Training and Code of Conduct Post Flood. - Triangle Jiu Jitsu | Durham, North Carolina

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Training and Code of Conduct Post Flood.

Another Covid/Flood update!

As you may have heard, NC is still in Phase 2 for Covid, we have about 3 more weeks until we enter Phase 3. As such, we can’t fully reopen yet. Here are some resources to stay up to date on COVID in Durham to make decisions for you and your family

The mats are back down after the flood, so we’re going to start back with some adult small group training next week. At 12 pm and 6pm there will be open sessions capped at 10 people.  You can sign up and reserve your spot by signing into your account on the website (

As we get back to training together, since we don’t have classes to emphasize conduct, I wanted to emphasize some ground rules for conduct:

  • Wash your gis and maintain good hygiene.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Don’t use TJJ as a place to meet people to date. 
  • Social media is an extension of our time at TJJ -- please treat members of the gym online with the same respect you would give them in class with other people watching.
  • Be aware of the weight of your words. We can disagree with and listen to each other - but if you say something that is intended to demean any member of our community online or in person, you are not welcome here.
  • Please reach out to me (Branny) or another instructor you feel comfortable with, if anything happens that concerns you. Your identity will remain anonymous but your voice will be heard. Everyone should feel safe and comfortable here and we are all accountable to make sure of it.

Specific Considerations related to Coronavirus:

  • If you have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus in the past two weeks, please protect your team and stay home.
  • Please be upfront with other people about your exposure and respect other people’s decisions around training/limited training or not training with you. We’ve all got different concerns.
  • Avoid rolling with multiple groups of people back to back without showering.

Cleaning Procedures
The lowest ranking belts in each session should clean the mats after each class. Mat cleaning instructions are posted on the wall by the entrance. I’ll post a video refresher soon :)

Let’s be honest - Jiu Jitsu is a high risk activity when it comes to getting and spreading Coronavirus. While we have some measures in place to reduce the spread - limiting training partners, spacing out sessions, cleaning procedures - if you’re training right now you are comfortable with your Coronavirus odds. Given that, I think its really important that we wear our masks in other public spaces to protect the Durham community at large.