Kids Classes - Triangle Jiu Jitsu | Durham, North Carolina

Kids Classes

We want your kid(s) to have the best martial arts foundation possible, so our kids classes are taught by two of our highest level instructors, Brandon and Tung. The classes are similar to the adult classes in content, but with more gamification - each class features:
- a warmup that emphasizes good and safe movement (depending on the day, some combination of break-falls, shots, forward and backward rolls, get-ups)
- followed by learning one-two throws, holding positions or escapes
- finally, a game or supervised rolling (1 instructor watches one set of students). 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday class are in the Gi, and all levels are welcome. We recommend children start at 7 years old. 
Tuesday/Thursday classes are for children 8+, as well as younger children who have achieved grey white belt or higher.

Our mission is to empower children with Jiu Jitsu - enhancing their confidence and self-esteem on and off the mat. Jiu Jitsu gives children the opportunity to have fun, while practicing focus and discipline so that they can carry this mindset with them wherever they go. We teach fundamentals in self-defense, communication, and the use of Jiu Jitsu as a last resort.

Children and young adults who train with us have the option of training to compete at local tournaments if they're interested!