Judo - Triangle Jiu Jitsu | Durham, North Carolina


We currently offer two Judo classes each week, taught by Judo Black Belt Alex Lahman. The Wednesday class focusses on Judo Fundamentals - we generally spend some time on Uchi Komis and learn a new throw or technique. The Friday class is more advanced with plenty of Uchi Komis and opportunities for Randori (that said, beginners are still welcome)!  We will be expanding our Judo program to feature more classes as time allows - so if you are principally interested in training Judo, there are more classes coming your way.

If you've never trained Judo, it's a great complement to your Jiu Jitsu training, especially if you're nervous on your feet! You'll practice how to be graceful on your feet, and how to fall and get thrown painlessly, which will elevate your Jiu Jitsu.