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Women's Program

We encourage women to attend any of our classes, and we have women's only classes twice a week to facilitate us getting more training time with each other. If you're interested in joining us for this class we'd love to have you.

Additionally, we're building a women's competition program. Lourdes Cantu is the head instructor of the women's program - she's a 2019 PANS silver medalist and 2020 PANS gold medalist! We have blue, purple, and black belt women who are seasoned competitorsand who (in non-Covid times) organize training with other women in the area, so that we can take advantage of the larger NC women's training network.

We have several women who are interested in competing at the white 
belt level in Spring of 2021 - so if you're curious about competing in Jiu Jitsu, but are daunted at the thought of doing it alone, now is a great time to join us!

Scroll down to fill out an interest form specifically for Ladies class. Or, contact us using the links at the bottom of the site!

Ladies Class

Are you interested in ladies class? We want more training partners and would love to have you join us!

Thank you for your interest in Ladies Class! We will be in touch soon. If you want more information before we reach out - feel free to stop by the gym for more information, or come to class (listed on the schedule) wearing athletic clothes you're ready to move in!